Summer International Courses of Faculty of Economics and  Business, University  of Brawijaya (FEB UB). Indonesia are courses designed for International students either coming from university partner or private interest, who are interested in getting international academic experiences at FEB UB and Indonesia. The courses are taught in English and conducted in the International Undergraduate Program. The courses might be used as credit transfer to the origin university. The courses are designed for 4 weeks duration and received an academic transcript at the end of the program.

Admission is open for students who completed high school or are currently enrolled  in  an  undergraduate  program at a university level.


ISS FEB UB 2017:

Submit these following documents to our email or mailing address to

  1. Application form (download here)
  2. Proof of enrolment for university students or proof of high school graduation
  3. One photocopy of the first two pages of the passport
  4. One passport-sized color photo


Individual Participants Participants from Partner universities
 Tuition  $ 300/Course $ 200/Course
 Field Trip Industries:

1.        Indoneisan Small Medium Entrepreneurship

2.        Traditional Market

3.         Multinational Company (Indonesian based)

4.        Theme Park/Natural Park*

*Optional with additional fee

 $ 100 $ 100



Entrepreneurship,leadership, BusinessCommunication


International Business : Asian Perspectives


Indonesian Business and Economy


Indonesian Language and Culture


Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Business Communication

Entrepreneurship is one factor which can increase and develop the economy of a country. The citizen of a country who has a good entrepreneurship skill can accelerate the country itself in chasing its downward economic globalization. As a study, entrepreneurship is an effort to improve the entrepreneurial spirit and skill so that they will not depend only on business environment, but also be able to be an entrepreneur who actually keeps the economic activities going in a country. This course discusses the practice of entrepreneurship, and related issues including leadership and business communication. Some field trips are arranged to visit some industries to learn the entrepreneurship and leadership skills in the case of Indonesia

International Business: Asian Perspective

International Business Course in aimed to explain the theoretical and practical problem headed by international business and global preferences toward internationalizing business activities. This course discuses business issues in the globalization era with the case study of Asian countries particularly Indonesian case. Some field trips are arranged to visit business operated in Indonesia

Indonesian Business and Economy

The course aims to explain and assess the functioning of the Indonesian business and economy. It is intended for students who are seeking a broad understanding of how the economy and business works in the case of developing country, particularly Indonesia. Emphasis will be placed on the related topics of current economic issues, institutions and policies of Indonesia business and economy. The approach adopted will emphasize that the present Indonesian economy needs to be seen in the context of the historical pattern of development and change. While the course deals primarily with economic factors, important social and political circumstances will also be taken into account. Some field trips are arranged to learn the real condition of Indonesian business and economy

Indonesian Language and Culture

The basic competence of this course is aimed at educating students onto scientists and professionals who have deep knowledge and positive attitude towards Indonesian Language as formal and national language and who are capable of using them adequately and correctly to express various understanding, sense of nationhood and love of the country and also to conduct scientific, technological and artistic activity within their own professions.

This subject aims to created sufficient literacy to students about the diversity of culture coloring the social and business activities. This literacy will be used as a very useful provision for students to enter the business era, which tends globalize with the pluralism as the main characteristic in many aspects

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