Why IUP?

University of Brawijaya (UB) is one of the Best Top 10 Universities in Indonesia. Rank 5 in webometric

Most of UB study program has been accredited “A” level by BAN PT.


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What You can Study

The study of economics is central to an understanding of business, markets, trade, government policies, international issues, globalisation, health, development, and the environment. This program is for students intending to become analysts, advisors, and economists in the public and private sectors and leads to careers in business, finance, international development, health, human resource management, marketing, management and research

The Bachelor of Economics offers students the analytical and quantitative skills required for an in-depth understanding of key economic principles. The degree complements this knowledge with the option of majors across selected business disciplines.

We are offering the Bachelor of Economics Majoring in :

  • Management (link)
  • Accounting (link)
  • Economics Finance and Banking (link)

How to Apply and what it cost

You can find the information about International Students Admission and Cost from this link below:


FEB UB Exchange Program Scholarship is an initiative of the FEB UB program offered to international students who are interest.ed to spend one to four months in one of our departments in FEB UB: (1) Accounting (2) Management (3) Economics of Development (Economics). This scholarship will provide educational, research and professional development opportunities to support growth in the region and to build enduring links at the individual, institutional and country levels. This program is also designed for international student to gain experience of living and studying in one of Indonesian campus.

For detail information, please visit “here”

Summer International Courses of Faculty of  Economics and  Business, University  of Brawijaya (FEB UB). Indonesia are courses designed for International students either coming from university partner or private interest, who are interested in getting international academic experiences at FEB UB and Indonesia. The courses are taught   in English and conducted in the International Undergraduate Program. The courses might be used as credit transfer to the origin university. The courses are designed for 3 weeks duration and received an academic transcript at the end of the program.

How to apply and what it cost, please “click here”